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Student Engagement Playbook

If students aren't engaged, they aren't learning.

To ensure that students are actively engaging with content (rather than passively receiving it), educators would do well to design instruction with the five facets of student motivation in mind.

Yet what does that mean for your classroom or school?

To help translate over 30 years of social-cognitive theory and research into action, I've created a FREE student engagement playbook. It can be used by any educator seeking to increase both student engagement and achievement.

Each facet of student motivation has four strategies you can employ. Each strategy is designed as a repeatable, classroom structure rather than a one-time lesson idea. This helps you create sustainable student engagement in your classroom over the entire school year.

Each strategy is broken up into two parts. First, a one-page synopsis includes a short summary, the research behind the strategy (including alignment to John Hattie's Visible Learning), its purpose, and how teachers and students use it. Second, a checklist lists sequenced actions for educators to take in order to implement the student engagement strategy.

With these student engagement strategies in your instructional arsenal, your students will never be disengaged again! Get the free Student Engagement Playbook by filling out the short form below.

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