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The Hidden Casualty of the Teacher Shortage

Photo by Dids from Pexels

Anyone that works in schools today knows that there is a teacher shortage. Vacancies filled temporarily with support staff or substitute teachers are more common than anyone is comfortable with.

Principals and district administrators are working overtime to try and staff their classrooms, getting very creative and doing everything they can to meet the needs of their students. Obviously, the students suffer when not sitting in front of a certified teacher.

But another, sometimes hidden casualty of the current teacher shortage crisis is beginning to loom large for schools everywhere.

The teachers that remain.

Stressed and overworked, sometimes with class sizes above the state limit, the teachers who do show up every day can all too easily remain in the shadows when vacant classrooms are such an urgent need.

They still want to grow in their craft.

They still need support.

They still struggle with behavior, engagement, and achievement.

With principals sometimes stretched thin to provide educational supports for vacant classrooms, their needs unfortunately are too easily pushed to the back burner.

So, for the teacher out there struggling to grow and improve, who is looking for meaningful development to take his or her skill to the next level, I've created the 10 Steps to Solving Student Engagement. This is free, methodical approach to targeted improvement with a robust support system provided throughout the entire process.

If you know teachers who are struggling to grow this year, please share this resource with them.

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