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Worksheets Don't Work

In Worksheets Don’t Work, Aaron Daffern explores what neuroscience has discovered about human memory and how it applies to teaching and learning. While traditional worksheets, found easily online and as a part of textbook resources, are prolific, that doesn’t mean that they are effective. Too often, worksheets are distributed to students because of their accessibility and ability to quickly generate a numerical grade.

Yet just admitting that worksheets are expedient but not efficient does little to help teachers. Daffern gives educators 50 different worksheet alternatives, each with several embedded variations, which can be quickly used to engage and assess learners. Each alternative is based in the neurological reality that students generate meaning when they actively work to make sense of the content, linking it to prior knowledge and wrestling with it from many different perspectives using the elaborate model.

“I would recommend any type of teacher preparation program to utilize Worksheets Don’t Work as part of their curriculum for supporting new teachers.”


-Dr. Terra Smith, Education Consultant, TS Consulting Services, LLC, Sugar Land, Texas


“Finally a book that looks at learning from a student centric point of view!”


- Dr. Bhavana Nair, Licensed Psychologist, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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