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As a teacher, principal, and district-level curriculum coordinator, Aaron Daffern has been educating students in Texas since 2000. Using his experience as a professional educator, Daffern offers an exciting solution to the classroom engagement dilemma: tapping into student motivation.

Daffern synthesizes over 30 years of educational research into his CRAVE model of student motivation. In trying to uncover what social-cognitive researchers have discovered about what drives students to do what they do, he found five common themes: Competence, Relationships, Autonomy, Value, and Emotions.

Students are motivated and engaged when they feel able to complete the task at hand (competence). Relationships between students and teachers have a large motivational impact on the classroom. When students feel a sense of control (autonomy), their willingness to participate skyrockets. Tasks that have meaning for the students (value) are much more likely to be completed. Finally, student emotions affect not only engagement but also learning itself.

Using the five facets of motivation, Daffern provides instructional design tips and teaching strategies that harness the power of student motivation. Readers will not only know what makes their students tick, they’ll also revolutionize their classrooms and greatly impact the education of their students.

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