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4th Grade Math Review: Day 7

In yesterday's post we looked at long division and how to interpret remainders. We also looked at two-step multiplication and division problems. We're continuing today with estimation and representing an unknown quantity. We'll also take a quick look input-output tables.

Estimation and Compatible Numbers

Both estimation and the use of compatible numbers are skills that began in 3rd grade. Here's a video to remind you how it's done.

Now you can try it out yourself. Take a look at this sample problem from a released STAAR test below.


Representing an Unknown Quantity

Students have been solving for unknown quantities in any position in the equation since 1st grade and representing them since 2nd grade. Here's a quick recap of that skill in action.

Now you can try.


Input-Output Tables

Viewing relationships between numbers in a formal input-output table begins in the 4th grade and continues for many years to come. Here's an explanation of the process.

Now that you've learn a little bit more, try to solve this problem.


Correct Answers

After you've worked out the problems on your own, watch the video below that explains each solution.

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