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4th Grade Math Review: Day 12

In yesterday's post we reviewed spent some time looking at dot plots, frequency tables, and creating stem-and-leaf plots. Today we finish the entire 12-day review with another look at reporting category four, data analysis and personal financial literacy.

Solving Stem-and-Leaf Plot Problems

Stem-and-leaf plots are useful when displaying data in ranges. They can be used to solve a multitude of problems and here's a video showing how to use them.

With that explanation, why not try out this practice problem?


Calculating Profit

Part of personal financial literacy is knowing how to calculate profit in a real-word business scenario. Here's a video explaining what that means.

Now you can try your luck with this STAAR released test question.

Some additional personal financial literacy standards are also in the 4th grade but are not tested every year:.


Correct Answers Here's a video that shows the correct answers and includes detailed explanations. Make sure you've worked the problems out yourself before watching!

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