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4th Grade Math Review: Day 10

In yesterday's post we looked at types of triangles, classifying 2D shapes, and lines of symmetry. Today we finish our brief study of the third reporting category in the assessed curriculum - Geometry and Measurement.

Measuring and Drawing Angles

In 4th grade students spend a lot of time learning about angles and how to measure them with protractors. You can learn more by watching the video below.

Here's another opportunity to practice your measurement skills. Try to solve these problems from a released STAAR test.

If you need more information about angles and degrees, you can watch another video here.


Estimating Measurements

In the 4th grade, students learn about how to estimate length/distance, volume/capacity, and weight or mass. Here's a video showing how to estimate relative weight or mass.

With that refresher, now you can try this sample problem.

I've also created videos for relative length and relative capacity.


Correct Answers Here's a video showing the answers and explanations (but don't watch it until you've solved them yourself).

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