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6th Grade Math Review: Day 1

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Welcome to the first day of a twelve-day review of 6th grade math. Let's get right to work!

Compare and Order Numbers on a Number Line

While students have been comparing and ordering numbers for several years now, this standard adds two new twists. First, students will have to demonstrate their knowledge on a number line, something that isn't used frequently in 6th grade. Second, the numbers to be located, compared, and ordered are all rational numbers. That means they can be positive, negate, decimals, fractions, and even mixed numbers. Watch the video below for a short recap.

Once you've learned how to compare and order numbers on a number line, why not take a crack at this problem from a released STAAR test?


Ordering Sets of Rational Numbers

Building on the previous standard and what they learned in 4th and 5th grade, students now have to order a set of rational numbers, including those that might arise from real-world contexts. This requires being able to interpret and convert fractions, decimals, percents, mixed numbers, and even negative numbers. Watch this short video for a refresher.

This is an important standard, called a readiness standard by the state of Texas, because it directly builds to what students need to know for 7th grade. Go ahead and try these two problems from the same released STAAR test.


Correct Answers

Tonight (4/13/20) at 8:00 pm (CDT), I'll live stream from my YouTube channel to go over the answers to these three practice problems. Make sure you've already worked them out ahead of time. I can answer questions you might have in the stream chat and I'll put the recording on my channel and in this post for anyone that couldn't watch it live.

If you haven't done so already, you can subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon to get notifications for live streams and new videos that I post.

Here's a recording of the live stream with the answers and explanations.

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