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3rd Grade Math Review: Day 8

In yesterday's post we reviewed how to create both representing multiplication and division situations and took a sneak peek at long division. Today marks the 2/3 point of the review and discusses the last standard in Reporting Category 2 - Computations and Algebraic Relationships.

Input-Output Tables

Passing variables and equations through input-output tables sets students up to begin to understand algebra at a deeper level. Here's a video to help you master this important skill.

After learning about solving these questions related to input-output tables, you're ready to try these two problems from a 3rd grade released STAAR test.


Counting Money

Students have been learning how to identify coins since kindergarten and how to count a collection of coins since 1st grade. Now in 3rd grade students are asked to not only count coins but also include bills as well. Here's a quick video showing how that's done.

With this information about counting a collection of bills and coins, try your hand at this sample problem below.


Correct Answers Here's the video with the answers and explanations. Make sure you've worked them out yourself first!

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