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Born and raised in California, Aaron has been living in Ft. Worth, TX and working as an educator since 2000.  After teaching 11 years in the 3rd, 4th, and 6th grades in Arlington and Ft. Worth, TX, Aaron became the assistant principal of an open-enrollment charter school in Arlington, TX.  He then served as principal for two years at the charter school before working for four years as the charter district coordinator for curriculum and instruction. He then worked as a manager in the early learning department of a large urban district before becoming a mathematics director.

Aaron lives in Ft. Worth with his wife Heather, and four lovely children.  He’s written extensively on student engagement, including his first two books Solving Student Engagement: Designing Instruction to Motivate Every Student and Don’t Quit Your Day Job: An Educator’s Guide to Student Engagement. His third book, Wrestling with Words: The Five Parts of a Powerful Vocabulary Program, shares how schools can maximize word learning to increase achievement. His fourth book, Worksheets Don't Work: 50 Engaging Tasks That Make Learning Stick, builds on neuroscience and the science of learning to help educators find better ways to engage and assess learners. His most recent book, Take CHARGE of the Classroom: Disrupting Outdated Behavior Management Models, helps teachers create the classroom culture of their dreams by following six guiding principles.

In addition to authoring, presenting, training, and teaching, Aaron is a professional certified coach (PCC) as recognized by the International Coaching Federation. He is also certified by the Texas Education Agency to offer continuing professional education credit (#902-645).
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