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Don't Quit Your Day Job

Buy the book (free shipping!) and earn 6 CPE hours for $35.

Days 16-20

Uncover the myths about autonomy, the third facet of student motivation. See how providing choice enhances student engagement.

Days 1-5

Discover why student engagement is a relevant topic for educators and what decades of research has to say on the subject.

Days 21-25

Examine value, the fourth facet of student motivation. Learn how the relevancy of the topic relates to the level of student interest.

Days 6-10

Explore competence, the first facet of student motivation. Learn how student success increases with positive self-beliefs.

Days 26-30

Take a look at emotions, the fifth facet of student motivation. Work through the latest findings on how interrelated feelings are to cognition.

Days 11-15

Take a look at relationships, the second facet of student motivation. Discover how teachers can build connections that foster learning.


Click the button below to access the quizzes for each set of days. Credit will not be earned until a copy of the book has been purchased and all quizzes have been completed.

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