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Part 1

Discover key mathematical concepts such as comparing and ordering rational numbers, including on a number line, converting fractions and percents, fractions as division, and ratios and multiplication.


TEKS 6.2c-e, 6.4c, 6.4g

Part 5

Examine how to convert customary units, angles in a triangle, graphing on the coordinate plane, and finding volume and area, including trapezoids.

TEKS 6.4h, 6.8a, 6.8c-d, 6.11a

Part 2

Explore the order of operations, prime factorization, properties and expressions, and multiplying by fractions and positive rational numbers.


TEKS 6.3b, 6.3d-e, 6.7a, 6.7d

Part 6

Take a look at data analysis concepts such as describing data with range, media, mode, and IQR, dot plots, box plots, stem-and-leaf plots, and debit and credit cards.

TEKS 6.12b-d, 6.13a, 6.14b

Part 3

Take a look at real-world ratios and rates, the effect of education on earning levels, finding the whole, part, or percent given two of the three, and writing problems for equations and inequalities.

TEKS 6.4b, 6.5a-b, 6.9c, 6.14h

Part 4

Uncover how to create graphs and stories for equations, how to solve one-variable, one-step equations and inequalities, and how to use value to determine equations and inequalities.

TEKS 6.6c, 6.9a, 6.10a-b

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6th Grade Math Review


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