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3rd Grade Math Review: Day 5

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

In yesterday's post we looked at subtracting across zeros and addition. Today we are diving something that will be with students for years to come, multi-digit multiplication. We'll also take a quick peek at division and multi-step problems.

2 by 1 Multiplication

Before learning the standard algorithm (fancy math-talk for "regular") for multiplication, students should learn to how multiplication works by breaking apart the product into multiple parts. Watch this video for an explanation.

With that under your belt, try to solve this problem from a released STAAR test.



Division should be first seen as an operation used to make equal shares or equal groups. Watch the video below for some examples.

With that information, now you can solve this problem.


Two Step Problems

Beyond simple operations, students also learn to interpret problem situations that require two separate operations to solve. Watch this video for a quick summary.

Even though the problem below is still just one step, it still requires some effort for students to solve. It does not have multiple choice responses to choose from but instead required students to fill in a place value grid with their answer. Go ahead and give it a shot.


Correct Answers Here's the video with the answers and explanations. Make sure you've worked them out yourself before watching.

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