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The Team 6 Coaching model relentlessly pursues the goal of empowering students by increasing teacher effectiveness. This is accomplished by teaming up with educators to continuously improve educational practices and methodically monitoring impact across 6 different domains.

At the core of every coaching relationship is the team built by the coach's character and attitude of collaboration. When creating a game plan, the work of coaching is structured through a focused cycle and coaching conversationsFinally,

success is achieved through competencies and communication.


Coaching is a team endeavor - either everyone wins or no one does. Successful coaches adjust their approach to meet the needs of individual educators. The six domains of the Team 6 model can be viewed through two separate lenses. Internally, coaches must bring impeccable character, follow a structured cycle, and have access to high-level competencies. The other lens looks at how coaches and clients work together as a team. Empowering coaches build the relationship with an attitude of collaboration, purposeful communication, and powerful coaching conversations.

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