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3rd Grade Math Review: Day 2

You made it through day one of our 3rd grade math review! Yesterday's post talked about decomposing and rounding numbers. Today we continue looking at the first reporting category (section) of the 3rd grade curriculum, numerical representations and relationships, by examining comparing and ordering numbers and looking at equivalent fractions on a number line.

Ordering Numbers

Ordering numbers, either from greatest to least or from least to greatest, involves several steps and a lot of comparing. To learn more, check out the video below.

Now that you've refreshed your memory as to that skill, go ahead and solve this problem from a released STAAR test.


Comparing Numbers

Closely related, and within the same standard, is the concept of comparing numbers. If the relationship between comparing and ordering doesn't ring a bell, watch the video below.

Now that you know the how comparing and ordering relate, try this problem from a released STAAR test.


Equivalent Fractions and Number Lines

While students are typically familiar with equivalent fractions in pictorial models, recognizing them on unlabeled number lines can be very tricky. Here's an explanation video to help you out.

Hopefully the video helped you learn a bit more about equivalent fractions and number lines. Try your skill with this problem from a released STAAR test.


Correct Answers

Here's a recording of the answers and explanations. Make sure you've worked out the problems yourself before watching the video.

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